Computer Lab » 1st Grade

1st Grade

Computer Skills
Big Country Bayou Parade 
Race Car Order Number Game 
Roller Coaster Order Number Game 
Squigly's Apples Order Game 
Odd and Even Number Websites
Odd and Even Number Website 
Identify Even and Odd Numbers 
What Comes Before or After Odd Even Game 
Place Value Websites
Shark Number Place Value 
Learning Box Place Value Grouping 
Addition Websites
Little Animals Adding and Subtracting 
Gone Bananas! 
Math Bugabaloo 
Big Yellow Bus Addtion Game 
Balloon Pop Addition Game 
Fruit Shoot Addition Game 
Feed the Penguins 
Pizza Pizzazz 
Peabody the Penguin 
Math Magician 
Math Journey Game 
Choose basic skills addition and subtraction
Diaper Derby 
Counting Money
Counting Money Game 
Name the Coins 
Adding the Coins Game 
The One Dollar Store 
Coin Combo 
Count U.S. coins 
Shopping with Coins 
Matching Coin Game 
Telling Time Games
Numbering the Clock 
Play with a Clock 
Stop The Clock! 
Flip Time 
Telling Time to the Minute Game 
What Time is it? 
Language Arts Games
Starfall Reading 
Making Words Game 
Blender Game 
Paw Park Beginning Sounds 
Beginning Sounds Game 
Kitten Jump Word Game 
Sight Word Bingo 
Hot Air Joining Parts of a Sentence Game 
Monkey Sentences Game 
Making Sentences Make Sense 
Clifford Phonics Game 
Create Contraction Words 
Alphabetizing Websites
Alphabetical Piano Key Game 
Alphabetizing Bear Game 
Connect the Dots in ABC order Game 
Alphabetizing Game 
Alphabetizing Game Set 2 
Alphabetizing Game Set 3 
Subtraction Websites
Blackboard Subtraction 
Two Less Than Game 
Minus Mission Game 
Rabbit Take Away Game 
Little Animals Subtraction Game 
Subtraction Bug Game 
Fruit Shoot Double Digits 
Pac Man Subtraction Double Digits 
Apple Tree Subtraction Game 
Subtraction equation game 
Math Fact Adding and Subtracting Game 
Keyboard Game
First Grade Keyboard Practice Game 
Learn the Keys on a Keyboard Fireworks Game