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Peter's Chair

Added Apr 15, 2020
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A gentle and reassuring story about sibling rivalry by Caldecott Medal winner Ezra Jack Keats.
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  • Hen Hears Gossip10:17 Hen Hears Gossip

    Hen hears some news; but did she hear correctly? Read a hilarious story about what happens in the barnyard, as Hen tells her friends.

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  • What's the big idea, Molly?18:20 What's The Big Idea, Molly? By Valerie Gorbachev

    Molly and her friends discover that working together they can come up with a wonderful birthday present for Turtle!

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  • All Kinds Of Families15:27 All Kinds Of Families by Mary Ann Hoberman

    Hoberman has tackled the elusive question of what makes a family a family in this sometimes silly, sometimes serious book of rhymes. She likens families to numerous items that share a relationship and are inherently the same. Her refrain says it all, "Bottle caps, gingersnaps, buttons, or rings/You can make families from all sorts of things!" Other families include tools, balloons, thimbles, and marbles, but the verses make it clear that human families are much more than a conglomeration of like, easily categorized, things; they share a human history and the promise of many more families to come. No matter what, making a family is about seeing the likenesses, not the differences.

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  • Monster Chefs15:02 Monster Chefs by Brian and Liam Anderson

    The horribly horrible monster king summoned his four equally horrible chefs. "I am tired of eating only eyeballs and ketchup," roared the king. "Find me something new to eat or you will find yourselves on my menu!"

    Trembling with fear, they each set off in a different direction to look for something truly scrumptious. But what besides eyeballs and ketchup, could a monster king possibly want to eat? A rabbit? A fish? A snake? What a monster chef finally brings back may change dinnertime in the kingdom forever.

    If you would like the recipe for, "EYEBALL CUPCAKES," please download the pdf. file located to the right of this message-Files & Schedules.

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