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Mission & Vision

Meadow Lane Elementary School encourages collaboration among students, staff, parents, and community; working together to facilitate the development of caring, respectful, responsible, and enthusiastic learning. As a school community, we hold high expectations for students to reach academic and social success while striving for growth in a safe and nurturing environment.
At Meadow Lane we believe:
  • that we should accept individual needs, respecting each other's differences and commonalities;
  • that we should provide a warm, accepting climate as we care and support each other as a family in a kind and compassionate way;
  • in mutual respect as we create a place which is physically, emotionally, and socially safe;
  • in order to do our best, we need to be honest, responsible, and patient with others and ourselves;
  • that we need to offer encouragement and acknowledgement of strengths and accomplishments.
At Meadow Lane we are dedicated to providing our students with a dynamic, rigorous education that focuses on collaboration, critical thinking, and character development. Our students will be supported in a nurturing environment which fosters the healthy academic, social, emotional, and physical development of each individual. Our partnership of students, families, educators, and community members encourages creativity and celebrates innovation.
At Meadow Lane we provide rigorous, relevant, challenging curriculum for all students.
  • Curriculum is focused on an established set of life-long learning skills and content standards.
  • Curriculum is continually reviewed and improved to meet the evolving needs of our individual students.
  • Students are provided with meaningful, authentic opportunities to apply knowledge and skills.
  • Students are provided with a strong academic foundation and each student is encouraged and supported as an individual learner.
  • Training and time for collaboration is provided for all educators.
At Meadow Lane we will continue with our progression and transition to the California Common Core State Standards (CCCSS). We are committed to collaborate with our professional development focusing on and using interim formative and summative student assessments to guide classroom instruction, intervention, and enrichment as we develop CCCSS report cards informing parents and families of their child's progress. We will demonstrate student growth in our Pre-K-Fourth Grade classrooms.  We will be adding Fifth Grade for 2020-21 school year.